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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2nd week - new experiment :)




Hye chef J

Last week we are done with our first experiment which is seafood spring roll. In this week we are still doing the same thing. Just like we mention in last post we are going to change their skin. So, in this week we are choosing to change their skin with Kulit Karipap, Roti Jala and Egg. The method and the ingredient for the filling is same like before this. However we are not going to use squid because the squid is not available.

The pictures. Have fun J

The ingredients

the pictures from up :
from egg
the mix ingredients for Roti Jala
the mix ingredients for Kulit Karipap
Frying process. From up to down :
Roti Jala
Kulit Karipap
wrapping process. from left to right:
wrapping using Egg
wrapping using Kulit Karipap
wrapping using Roti Jala

Seafood spring roll using Egg
Seafood spring roll using karipap
Seafood spring roll using Roti Jala
The final pictures using the 3 type of skin
Between the Egg and Roti Jala, there is Seafood spring roll using 
Kulit Karipap

Like last week we know that each type of skin can make a different taste and same goes for this week. When we are using the Egg, the food that we are making become a heavy meal. And for this week, we think that the most suitable for the Seafood Spring Roll is using Kulit Karipap.

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From us 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

1st week - new experiment :)



New experiment – Seafood Spring Roll

Hye chef J

This week we have done a different task from before this. In this week we are doing our own task that have been choosing and decide with Chef Zaid. For our group we are doing Seafood Spring Roll which is every week we are going to change their skin. And for this week we are doing 3types of skin which is Kulit Popiah Basah, Kulit Popiah and Wantan Skin. From our opinion, the objective we are doing this task is :

·         To renew the food and make something different with other food’s.
·         The taste and the texture are also different if we change the skin.

The filling for Seafood Spring Roll :

·         Prawn              
·         Squid                     ->    as needed
·         Crab
·         Onion                                  2 nos 
·         Garlic                                  10 nos
·         Bunga Kantan                     2 bud          
·         Kafir Lime leave                 as needed
·         Capsicum                            2 nos
·         Black pepper    
·         Salt                          ->   as needed
·         Lemon
·         Bread Crumb             

Here are the method and pictures

Enjoy J

The ingredients
Prepared the ingredients for the filling. From left to right :

 §  Chopped garlic and slice onion
§  Slice the capsicum and also Bunga Kantan
§  Slice the kafir lime leave.  Crushed black pepper

From left to right :
§  Sauté the garlic and onion
§  Put in the meat crab and squid
§  Add the prawnMix well
from left to right :
§  Put in Bunga Kantan  and capsicum

§  Put some kafir lime leave and a little bit of lemon juice
§  Mix all together
Put some salt, black pepper and pepper.

This is the result when we strain the water
The process during wrapping the seafood roll. From up to down :
§  Using Kulit Popiah
§  Using Kulit Popiah Basah
§  Using Wantan

 Frying process


Using Kulit Popiah
Kulit Popiah Basah and Bread Crumb
Using Wantan

For this week, we know that each type of Kulit Popiah can make the 
a different taste even though the filling is still same. And for this week we think that using Wantan is much more better.

That's all for this week
See you in the next post
From us