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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4rd week - new experiment




Hey chef J
This week if the final week of experiment before we are going to the final. For the 3 week we have done so many types of skin which is it’s different in every week. And for this week we already discuss with our group and chef to choose the best from the first week until the third week. So the best from the first week is using Wantan, for the second week Kulit Karipap and the third week is using Bread.

Photo’s J
The basic ingredients
Sorry because we didn't take a picture of  wet item

The procedure of making seafood spring roll

the process of making seafood spring roll using wantan
from up : take the wantan skin and add the filling
after that wrap Wantan
put same egg to so that when we fried to skin didn’t open
fried the Wantan

The process of making kulit karipap
From up to down : make a dough
Add the  filling inside the Kulit Karipap
From down : fold the kulit karipap

After that fried the Karipap that has been it shaped.
make sure deep fried the Kulit Karipap.

The process of making bread
From left : Make a dough. Let the dough rise
After that knead the dough
Put the filling and make a shaped
On the top of the bread spread a little bit of egg yolk


This is the final product that we make before final examination. From up that is seafood spring roll using Wantan,  between the Wantan and Bread that is Kulit Karipap and the last one is Bread.

For the final week of experiment, as usual we are going to evaluate which is the most suitable for the final product. For this week, the 3 types of skin that we make is the best but we have to decide which one is more suitable. After discuss with our Chef and classmate we choose to use Bread because that is a unique combination. 

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