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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

3rd week - new experiment

24/march /2011



Hye chef J
First of all, sorry for the late update. In 10/03/2011 we already talk to Chef Zaid that we can’t came for the class because we have some event. Sorry again. From the previous post we have done many types of skin. For the last 2 week we have done doing the Roti Jala, Egg  and kulit Karipap. So in this week we are going to change the skin with Sandwich Bread and Lempeng and Bread.  For the sandwich bread  we decide to make it just like Dorayaki and we bake it. Just like previous post the filling and the method for prepared the filling is still same.

Pictures J
Ingredients for that day

The process of making dorayaki using sandwich bread
From left : using the round shape mold
make sure the sides of the bread didn’t open
on the top of the bread put a little bit of egg

The process of making Lempeng
From left : the mix ingredients of making Lempeng
Fried the Lempeng
Wrap the Lempeng with the filling

The process of making bread
From left : Make a dough. Let the dough rise
After that knead the dough
Put the filling and make a shaped
On the top of the bread spread a little bit of egg yolk


So this is the final picture for that day. From the left is a Bread next one with the round shape is Dorayaki using Sandwich Bread. The last one is Seafood spring roll using Lempeng.

Just like previous post we have mention which one is more suitable for Seafood Spring Roll. We found that when using Lempeng as the skin it is not suitable because it become a very heavy meal and incompatible with the filling. So for this week have 2 choice. Some of them is prefer the Dorayaki but some of them like the Bread. So we decide to choose Braed for the next experiment.

That's all for this post
see you in the next post
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